Production of fullerenes is carried out on the basis of the method of electric arc synthesis in an inert environment, which does not change its fundamental content, aimed at increasing production efficiency and improving the quality of products.
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Currently, an electric arc burning between graphite electrodes in an inert gas atmosphere is the most efficient and cost-effective method for producing fullerenes in both laboratory and industrial conditions. This method, optimized by our specialists, allows us to obtain fullerene soot with the amount of the main substance from 8% in the standard operating mode of the equipment, up to 13% in the pilot test mode, from the total weight of the fullerene soot extracted from the reactor.
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One of the important consumer characteristics of fullerene soot is that it consists of 100% pure carbon. For comparison, technical carbon (soot) contains various impurities (including hydrocarbons), the content of which can reach 5-10% of the total mass, which does not allow it to be used in those areas of industry (for example, in metallurgy) where especially pure carbon is needed.
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The product of the company IDC Carbon - fullerene soot, has excellent characteristics that exceed the typical carbon black, including the size of the fraction.
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It is also worth noting that with the relatively low price of fullerene soot (compared to C60) and the relative simplicity and performance of the method, our product is commercially available and can be used in any production on an industrial scale.